Team Building for Company in Jakarta and Outside Java, Let’s Do with Us!

by Parkia Adventure 2016-03-20T15:27:53

Team building can not be done in a short time, it needs continuous efforts. One of activities for building your team and make them in one vision is through Team Building Program with outdoor experiences.

Parkia is a Team Building Provider with a lot of experience in various company. We always provides special program for every company based on their objective.

What is provided by Parkia?

We provide programs, accommodation, transportation and all the requirements detailed that company wants to build a team.

What activities are always outdoor?

We believe that outdoors can be a medium of learning and make people more relaxed. But we also often combine the outdoor with indoor program.

Where is the best location to do a team building?

We can give suggestion after getting to know the character and objective of company to Team Building Program. If your company based in Jakarta, many places suitable for Team Building Programs such as Kepulauan Seribu, Eco Park Ancol, etc. If you want to do it in outside Jakarta, we could suggest more.

Here are some of our success stories in organising Team Building in Jakarta and Outside Java.

1. Toyota Astrido (One Day Program at Cisadane, Bogor)

team building jakarta

Sales team of Toyota Astrido when rafting in Cisadane

A group of sales teams who want to refresh and strengthen solidarity. We provide a fun game that brings a cheerful atmosphere, rafting on Cisadane river, paintball war games and fishing.

They all went home happy and recharge positive energy to improve their performance in company.

2. Bank Bumiputera – Finance and Investment Directorate (3 days Program at Tanjung Lesung Beach, Banten)

team building jakarta

Full of laugh in energizer games

Bank Bumiputera has the objective to strengthen the relationships between divisions under Directorate of Finance and Investment. We combine outdoor activities with indoor competition. Participants laughing happily in a warm atmosphere that we create, no gap needed. Then they compete between groups and present the work of groups indoor.

3. Sekolah Cita Buana

velcro wall

Velcro wall is one of games in Sticky Party Sekolah Cita Buana

Parkia already handle Sekolah Cita Buana activities three times, it is Fun and Adventure Camp at Kampung Awan Campsite Megamendung, Unity Camp at Eagle Hill Campsite Megamendung and Charity Walk & Sticky Party at Eco Park Ancol.

They really loved the program that we’ve created, complete with exciting games booth. For complete story, just click here.

4. Kementerian ESDM (3 days Program in Bali)

team building jakarta

ESDM Statue in Trust Games (Parkia)

Employees of the Ministry of Energy is composed of young and older people with far enough age range. They work in the same team and should help each other. We tried to create a pleasant atmosphere in the group and build confidence in the strength of team work.

The Team Building Program was attended by 80 people in Sanur, Bali. It’s nice to read the complete story, click here.

5. MRA Group – Cosmopolitan Indonesia Magazine (2 months Program)

team building jakarta

One of challenge in Fit Fun Fearless Competition.

We support Cosmopolitan Indonesia Magazine in designing games for Fit, Fun Fearless Competition that sponsored by Lactacyd.

It was an incredible experience for us when involved in. This is a long program that each round requires a different challenge. We have to provide many types of games in groups. All pictures can see on our Facebook Fanpage.

You can find all of our happy clients here:

Don’t be hesitate to contact us if you have plan to build and refresh your team.

WhatsApp/Call +62812-1300-0767 or drop an email to

We will happy to communicate with you and help your company to get the remarkable moment with valuable employees.

Team Building in Jakarta and outside Java, lets do with Parkia!


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